Jeanne Clery Act

On April 5, 1986, a male student entered a dormitory gaining access through three doors with automatic locks that were propped open.  Jeanne Clery was asleep in her dorm room when the male student entered her room with the intention to burglarize it.  During the burglary Jeanne woke up.  The student, who had been drinking all night, raped and strangled Jeanne. 

In 1988 Pennsylvania enacted the first law requiring all colleges and universities to annually make public three years of crime statistics.  The Campus Security Act followed on August 1, 1991, which was later renamed the Jeanne Clery Act.  This revised law requires colleges and universities to publish and annual report detailing security policies, and three years of campus crime statics for certain offenses.  Educational institutions with police or security agencies must keep a public crime log, and alert students and staff of timely warnings for crimes that pose an ongoing threat.

Annual Security Reports: (PDF)


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More information on California laws can be accessed at California Legislative Information.

This information is publised in accordance 20 United States Code section 1092, Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act.

Statistics from the U.S. Department of Education.