Active Shooter / Armed Intruder Safety

The mission of the San Bernardino Community College District (SBCCD) Police Department (PD) is to provide a safe learning and working environment for all students and employees through a cooperative and coordinated effort involving all SBCCD departments, employees, surrounding law enforcement agencies, and the community.

Active Shooter / Armed Intruder incidents continue to occur on college campuses across the nation with alarming frequency. Historically, these types of incidents are erratic, chaotic, evolve quickly, and leave little time to develop a plan of action for anyone caught up in the immediate or surrounding area.

It is the goal of the SBCCD PD to prepare the campus community with the requisite tools, training, and knowledge so that everyone can appropriately identify, react, and respond to an Active Shooter / Armed Intruder incident.  While not an exhaustive list, listed below are training resources – guides, books, posters, videos, and websites – that will further enhance your awareness regarding this topic and improve campus safety.

Online Training

Active Shooter: What Can You Do (FEMA Independent Study Course)

Workplace Security Awareness (FEMA Independent Study Course)


Active Shooter Event: Quick Reference Guide –English or Español (DHS)

Active Shooter Pocket Guide –English or Español (DHS)

Active Shooter: How to Respond Training Book –English or Español (DHS)

Active Shooter Response Poster –English or Español (DHS)


Run, Hide, Fight: Surviving an Active Shooter Event –English or Español (FBI)

What Would You Do? Surviving an Active Shooter (L.A. Co. Sheriff’s Department)

Shooter on Campus: Know You Can Survive (Campus Alberta Risk and Assurance Committee)

The following videos are only available to students and employees of the San Bernardino Community College District.  When you click on the link, you will be asked to login using your WebAdvisor account.

  • For Students
    Use "student\<username>" for your username, and your password from WebAdvisor 
  • For Employees
    Use "sbccd\<username>" for your username, and your password from WebAdvisor 

At-Risk for Faculty & Staff– (CCC Student Mental Health Program)

Targeted Violence - Threats and Behavioral Indicators (Dr. Manny Tau)

Additional Resources

If You See Something, Say Something website (FBI)

1-800-78CRIME (1-800-782-7463) – Call to anonymously report suspicious behavior or crime– Use this website to anonymously report suspicious behavior or crime

Safety on Campus: A Guide To Crime Free Schools & Offices– (SBCCD Police Department)

To report an Active Shooter / Armed Intruder, call 9-1-1

To report suspicious behavior or a crime, call the SBCCD PD at (909) 384-4491